We Need An Election Before Brexit

Neither Government nor the Leave campaign presented a clear plan about negotiating Brexit. Theresa May has been selected as PM without presenting a clear plan.

There is no plan – but there is so much at stake.

The referendum was only the beginning – the choices made during the Brexit negotiations will be vital for the future of this country.

Government, Parliament and MPs need a real mandate about this crucial process. The country needs an informed and full debate about it. The people need the chance to express their wishes about it.

We need a general election before Brexit formally begins.

Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011, the House of Commons can trigger a general election by voting a motion of no confidence in the government.

We all need this vote so that the coming negotiations reflect the considered and democratically-expressed wishes of this country.

There is a petition to ask Parliament to force an election – 100,000 signatures will ensure Parliament debates it.

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Whatever your opinion on Brexit, one question in a referendum did not stop the need for debate – the democratic process continues.

In, out or didn’t vote, we all need this now!

P.S. Still not convinced? Here’s Five Reasons Why We Need An Election Before Brexit

We Need An Election Before Brexit

Five Reasons Why We Need An Election Before Brexit

The details of this crucial process need a proper mandate from voters.


The referendum campaigns were full of doubtful claims and counter-claims – we need all parties to give a full statement of their positions going forward.


In the short term, a clear negotiating platform will put an end to the existing damaging uncertainty about what form Brexit will actually take. In the long term, any negotiation without clear popular backing risks fuelling instability and lack of confidence in our political system because it will remain open to criticism and challenge for years to come.


The referendum dramatically polarised the country – we need a debate to find what we can share and agree on going forward.


The referendum and its aftermath have hugely damaged public confidence in our political system and leadership – backroom deals and horse trading in the coming months will do nothing to rebuild the trust we desperately need.

Five Reasons Why We Need An Election Before Brexit